Monday, December 1, 2008

Looking back on Thompson

31- I think that Thompson is setting this picture up like this for reasons more shown later in the book. He shows Phil's face as very innocent and young, and Craig kind of scrunched up in the corner of the box helpless- wanting you to think of this scene when Craig describes how he wishes he could have helped his younger brother in this very situation.
87+ 128- on both of these pages Thompson shows how the hmmmm of the heater beasically is surrounding young and then older Craig. In one instance when he is affraid, cold, and alone and in another instance when he has the perfect company.
145-147- This sounds kinda odd, but I do like how Thompson made such a scene out that can be seen as incredibly sexual and maybe even gross to some people to read about, but with this I really like how he made it not perverted. He made these pages out to be just as if Raina were to be with Craig and they were sharing this passion amoung one another, but they weren't. But to me it still felt like and looked like a scene where it shows their longing for one another.
207- On this page I feel like the parents are in a way being just as childish as they son. It appears like they would rather not being talking about this sinful situation no more than Craig does, but they have to. It just makes them come off as two people that obviously don't understand or want to understand children are children and are going to go against what they should not sometimes, that they are going to grow up a little more than they should sometimes and yes some things they do are going to be appriote and some other things aren't, but it is just how his parents handled this situation that struck me as odd in a way.
223- This page I honestly never even realized before. Having all of the stuffed animals around him while in the guest bedroom at Raina's house. This shows to me how all of these young toys or animals brought him back to his own childhood asking but knowing the same question of who touched me?