Monday, October 27, 2008

Maus 1

This book was a good story to me, I think that it portrayed the story of that time period very well. It showed step by step what Jewish people of that time really had to go through. What was a real eye opener for me what the time period of which all of this took palce. Now I have read a lot of the other books about the Hollocaust but I never realised that it occured in the fourties, that was shocking to me ralizing that that was around the time of WWII and things like that.
I really liked how crafty they had to be to simply survive. No one was family anymore, but just people trying to survive. That is astonishing becaue no one could really just help others out of the kindness of their hearts because brutal death was the consequence.
For my groups discussion there was a lot of instances where the text was related to the pictures. For example when Vladeks son comes back to his home in the beginning of the book and he hadn't been back in a while, and Mala put his coat on a wire hanger, and how upset and frustrated Valdek gets with her. Another isntance was when Anja was reading the letter from Lucia about Valdek, and how it shows her crying as she is reading.
This was book was really good, though I do get confused in some points simply because of the talking about how the book makes them speak in broken english sometimes. but otherwise I enjoy oddly reading about the Holocaust and Jewish victims of this awful time period because it is history, and it really happened to people. I think what makes this story so amazing to me is that there are still people that are alive today that lived through this, that can relate to stories that are told about this time in history.

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Erin Kennedy said...

I think you're right about the portrayal of the story. It's not just your typical Holocaust survival story (not that those are typical or bland in any way) But like it was said in class, there are so many books about the Holocaust and lots of survival stories but none of them were told or showed quite like this.