Thursday, October 30, 2008

Maus complete book

This rest of this book reveals even more the odd relationship that Artie and his father share. It also reveals how the Holocaust took its affect on not only his father, but how Artie feels about many situations as well.
Having to go out to visit his father, he doesn't want to do it but he goes. I couldn't imagine then pawning him off on my fathers next door neighbors to keep an eye on him because I, his child does not want to watch after him myself. I think that it is incredibly frustrating to Artie obviously tha this father is such a horder of unnecessary items but what can he do?
On the other hand Vladek is affected with how he buys things, especially food. He even admits on page 78 how he cannot throw away food after Hitler. How awful that must be to have an event so large as the Holocaust completely take control and affect your life not only during, but for years after the event occured. I also wonder how it affected those Germans who were killing all of those people each and every day. I could only assume how that could maybe drive a man crazy, needing to kill more and more every day. How was their life affected after the Holocaust was over? Did they feel the need to keep killing?
I also found it interesting again in the remainer of this book on how Vladek survived. How he used craft to get into the infermatory to get better treatment and food; but to also help them out as much as he could so that they would like him. He was constatly gainning more and more friends for help along the way that honestly in the end saved his life. Thinking of all of the small things that he did such as giving bread so two men would carry him to the train; I would never be able to think of such crafty things in order to stay alive. But I suppose when your life is on the line then everything changes.
The last thing that I found very surprising about this portion of the book was Vladek racism towards the black "dog" I guess in this book. I was and at the same time was not shocked at how he ached. The man was completely nice and polite but just from simple expereince Vladek didn't like him at all.

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Shawn said...

Did you expect his father to turn out to be a racist because Speigelman had made a comment about his racism earlier on or was there another reason?