Monday, November 3, 2008

Persepolis -179

I find it amazing how young children want to help everyone around them, first off in this book that surprised me was her wanting to be a prophet; not for the attention she would get but because of what is around her. Helping her grandmother not have pain anymore, and so her maid could eat with them. Also, her wanting to participate in the revolution makes you think what other children thought about or wanted to do related to the revolution. At the same time I think it is in a way comical that she is a tape recorder, she takes in what any adults tells her and plays it back to anyone where the topic realtes. She is completely unsure if it is true or not but she simply goes with it anyway. But as Marjane grows up you learn that she is very outspoken. She begins to learn about her culture and debatable topics and sticks people with them. She always seemed to come off as a very young and independent girl, always saying by a teen that she could take care of herself. That obviously had shown through when her parents had decided to send her to Austria. Thats when comments such as "I'm only fourteen! You trust me?" came into her vocabulary, not being so big and bad any more now that she was going to be on her own. I found it very interesting how she was really trying to find herself in Austria, it was interesting to see how long she would truly allow herself to stay with certain groups. Such as the nuns- that was bound for failure from the beginning just because of how much of a true spirit she had.

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