Wednesday, November 5, 2008

180- End of Persepolis

Going through the second half of this book it was very difficult to get through. It was very drawn out to me- and sometimes wordy in different situations. It seemed to turn me off when blocks of dialogue were lots of writing and long lengthy speachs from when she was in a class getting a lecture. It just seemed that the reader could have gone without having to read all of that. I don't think that the political stuff would have made much of a difference in the book anyhow whether we read and remembered it or not.
What I did enjoy about this book was how it told a true story of a young woman trying to find herself. Trying to make her own mold and not conform to society. Marjane was taking the risk of stepping out of the boundaries in a country where they killed people, where speaking or out doing some of the things that she had been accused of doing such as speaking out in such a manner, I am suprised that she wasn't killed for. I did love that she did stick up for what she believed in though, she wasn't about to let anyone tell her a lie when she knew that she knew and understood the truth. I loved also her parents in this book to allow her to grow up. Though I don't think that sending her to Austria was a way to make her not be so dependent on her family it worked in that same when. She returned home knowing that there is definitely more of a world out there and she lived it and not the easy way. She returned home depressed but picked herself up. She learned from her own mistakes which is exactly what her parents seem to want to let her do. Live life learning from her own experiences. For example her marriage, her father says that he knew all along- he just needed her to do it on her own.

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