Sunday, November 16, 2008

Persepolis the Movie

I loved the move ten times more than reading the book. I think that it was because the movie put you right in their situation being able to live it with them instead of trying to understand what they are feeling through reading. The movie showed you visually how affected Marjane was when the bomb had hit the area where they had lived and when she was the braclet that she knew looked familiar. While reading that part I didn't put the same emphasis on her facial expression of just how affraid she really was. But actually seeing her face it made this whole situation so much more realistic to me. The movie definitely made me appreciate this book so much more because she is truly telling her story of her home life. Having to deal with bombings and worrying if your own mother is still alive to even showing how she was so focused on this war and just how frustratd her parents had gotten with her. I never realized how serious she was to the point where they would just have to send her out of the room, for her pure misunderstanding sometimes of what was really going on with the war. I loved the same in the movie as I did in the book how outspoken she was to her teacher. The one thing that I never really got from the book was her students reaction towards what she had said. The fact that they were chearing for her and clapping just solidified how wrong they were teaching even in the school systems, and trying to lie to the children so that they would believe the way of the government.

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