Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maus II chapters 1-2

In this section it was interesting to see how Artie responed t0 his fathers past. For instance, he was feeling in a way guilty because he father had survived the Holocaust, or guilty over the fact that his life is a lot easier than their's was. Even when he describes sibling rivalry between him and a photograph of his dead brother. I think that he wants to know more the people that died such as his mother and brother rather than who was given to him; his father and Mala who bother don't seem to be much of a help.
I think that he avoids as much as he can the problems between his fathers relationship with Mala because he truly has no intrest in it. I think that he just wants his own mother for his father so that he could stop worrying about him and so his father would stop complainning about Mala.
Their relationship continues to be so odd between father and son. Only staying through the weekend even though he knows that his father is so alone and feels completely by himself. He even tried to pawn off his own father on the neighbors, who don't want to look after him any more than Artie does.


Lauren K. Hansen said...

It really is a disturbing relationship that Artie has with his father. To me, it is disturbing because I see similarities between this and my relationship with my father.

How do you think his illustrations of himself and his father show that tension?

Erin Kennedy said...

Well, The relationship between Artie and Vladek really is strange but it's realistic and I like that. Nothing is sugar coated here. He doesn't pretend that he only felt guilt for his father and took care of him for the rest of his life. In some ways , I dont blame him. Yes, of course I feel bad for Vladek and all that he went through. (its amazaing that he survived!) But just because he survived the Holocaust, and is now alone doesn't mean Artie should sacrafice his life with Francoise or in general to take care of his father. (Granted, he didn't go about it in the best way but I understand where he's coming from.)

Maybe I'm just as ridiculous?